Auto-Pure 48 Nucleic Acid Purification System

Auto-Pure 48 Nucleic Acid Purification System

Auto-Pure 96/Auto-Pure 48/Auto-Pure 24 nucleic acid purification system adopts magnetic bead separation technology, using 96×2.2ml deep well plate and 96 magnetic rod’s tip (1,000μl reaction system) and 48×5ml deep well plate and 24 magnetic rod’s tip (5,000μl reaction system) and 24×14ml deep well plate and 24 magnetic rod’s tip (10,000μl reaction system). Combined with different kinds of magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction kits, it can operate 1-96 samples or 1-24 samples simultaneously and extract DNA and RNA rapidly in 30-60 minutes.

  • Simple, intelligent operation

Built-in lighting LED lights, it can observe the running status of the instrument in real time.

The front cover can be opened for quick stop, which is convenient for reagent optimization and observation.

Intelligent operation with self-inspection, power protection function.

8-plate position automatic identification design. No manual adjustment required.

  • Multiple pollution control

Drip-proof plate design with software control magnetic beads drying mode, to prevent the liquid splashing in the experiment process.

Disposable consumables can eliminate the cross contamination between holes and batches.It has built-in disinfection function which can do regular UV disinfection.

  • Extension Internet

It can be controlled by phone app software to check the running status of the instrument in real time.

Thoroughly releasing manpower, remote monitoring.

  • High quality and rapid extraction

Auto-Pure 96 can process 96×1ml samples simultaneously.

The maximum sample size is 10ml.

It can effectively avoid the influence of human factors on the experiment.

  • Open software design, software can be edited freely

Room temperature + 5℃~120 ℃, accurate temperature control.

Single machine can do program editing.

The software has complete functions and is suitable for all kinds of magnetic bead reagents.

Diverse binding and magnetic absorption modes, which is conducive to reagent optimization.

  • Reliable structure and stable operation

Auto Pure 96/48/24 adopts lead screw drive to realize lifting movement with high precision.

Patent structure design with center rotary table which makes it occupy less area.

Patent design for automatic loading and unloading structure of magnetic rod tip comb, which guarantee stability and liability. (Success rate>99.99%)

Model Auto-Pure 96 Auto-Pure 48 Auto-Pure 24
Throughput 1~96 1~48 1~24
Process volume 50~1000μl 200~3000μl 200~10000μl
Consumables 96-deep well plate + 96 magnetic rod’s tip 3ml tube strips + magnetic rod’s tip 10ml tube strips + magnetic rod’s tip
Working principle Magnetic beads method
Purification accuracy 100 copy sample positive rate > 95%
Stability CV<5%
Magnetic beads recycling rate >95%
Lysis temp. Ambient temperature ~120
Elution temp. Ambient temperature ~120
Mixing Mixing ways can be editable
Operation interface 7-inch touch screen, 3 shortcut buttons and mouse is available
Built-in protocol 8 groups of preset protocols, 100 groups of protocols can be stored
Protocol management New, edit, delete, save as
Expansion interface Standard USB, ethernet port and WIFI are available
Lighting Yes
Pollution control UV light
Exhaust way By fan
Data storage Available, with built-in SD card
Max. input power 300W
Dimension 560×620×500mm
Weight 54kg
Code Description
AS-17080-00 Auto-Pure 48 , AC100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
AS-17081-01 Magnetic tip comb for Auto-Pure 48
AS-17081-02 48x5ml plate for Auto-Pure 48
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